SOC in the Philippines

On June 30th, 2023, we graduated one hundred and seventy students from the 103rd School of Christ International in the Philippines. Because of the number of students and location, we held classes in Pangasinan and Lupao Nueva Ecija. At the Pangasinan site, we graduated seventy-four students; in Lupao Nueva Ecija, we graduated ninety-six students. Eighty-one of the graduates were pastors.

We praise the Lord that another group of pastors, leaders, brothers, and sisters have given themselves to a time of consecration and preparation through the School of Christ International training. Along with my staff, we continue to labor throughout the Philippines, carrying the message (lessons) of the SOC to local churches. We are witnessing another generation being called and prepared to continue building the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the work God has called us to do. All proceeds we receive from this vital Missions Ministry, the School of Christ International, go to continue World Missions training and outreach here in the Philippines.

103rd SOC graduating class in Lupao Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

103rd SOC graduating class in Pangasinan, Philippines.