SOC Ministry Continues In Myanmar

I have been ministering in several villages in Rakhine, Myanmar. This state has a very small number of Christians and few churches. Buddhism is the established religion and there are many Buddhist temples. However, unbelievers are open to the Gospel and joyfully accept Christ when presented. The problem is that more ministers are needed in this area to disciple the new converts and minister to the Christians.

I have visited this state five times, preached the Gospel, and people accepted Christ. When I returned, I saw that only a few had joined the church. Then I saw the reason.

The ministers do not have the life and power of the Holy Spirit. I was very worried about this situation; then, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Brother Clendennen’s story when he went to Africa many years ago to preach the Gospel. He also held crusades, and many people came forward to receive Christ. Upon his return the following year, those new converts were nowhere to be found. The ministers did not follow up with discipleship training or church membership. Brother Clendennen said that the Holy Spirit showed him the problem was the need for more ministers and people willing to serve. That is when the Lord called to his attention to prepare ministers and leaders through spiritual training. Therefore, the School of Christ International was born.

In Rahkin, I had the same experience. The Holy Spirit showed me that conducting the School of Christ was necessary. Therefore, this visit was to hold a School of Christ Seminar. I did everything as if we were running an entire School: one hour of prayer every morning, a full day of SOC lessons, and ended the day with another hour of prayer. Three pastors from different churches, missionaries, evangelists, and several Christians who converted from Buddhism when I visited their village last time attended the seminar. The pastors who attended a Bible School had
knowledge but did not have power or life. The Holy Spirit worked in their lives, and their hearts were touched. We are now making plans to hold a full-time School in the fall. Thank God for His guidance and leadership. Praise God for the School of Christ.

After the SOC Seminar, I traveled to six villages to share the Gospel. In the first village, over seventy-five people came to hear the Word before going to work. We did not have music, a worship team, or theater productions, only the Word.

I have ministered in the second village many times. They are very poor, and on my last visit, we helped them to build a well so the village could have clean water. They came and heard the Word gladly. Local missionaries are now in place to minister and disciple these new converts.

About eighty people came to the service in the third village. It is a small jungle village without electricity. At the end of the service, forty people came forward to pray for forgiveness of sins. They were given pamphlets and the Gospel. Local Christians are keeping in contact with them to make sure they are in church.

The fourth village in Myanmar had a small church. Everyone was invited, and we had an excellent service. They were all glad to hear the Word. At the end of the service, they organized a lunch for everyone.

The fifth village is impoverished, but the Christians invited everyone to the service. I witnessed God touch the people’s hearts. They invited us to come again.

The remote village of Chukon in the jungle was my sixth village to minister in. This is the first time a foreigner has visited this village. I am the first and only Christian to visit. Three years ago, a Myanmar missionary came to this village with his family and organized a small church. Unbelievers were invited to the service and they listened to the Gospel with their full attention.Many repented and decided to attend the church there. The road to this village was tough, but we brought some rice and much-needed supplies to the missionary there.

“Thank You” to the people who pray and financially support the School of Christ International so the work of the Lord can go forward. All glory and praise go to God! May His name be glorified to all the Earth!