SOC Online Testimony

I had heard about The School of Christ through messages online recommended by other pastors I am associated with. I had the privilege of being in service with Brother Clendennen about 15 years ago in Berea, KY. I’ll never forget the brokenness I was feeling as the Man of God was preaching, and after the service, he came walking down the aisle and wrapped his arms around me to encourage me. So, after searching the SOC website & the Facebook page, I found that SOC lessons were offered online. It was God ordained. There had been a hunger for more of the Lord rising in my Spirit. I have studied the Bible and have followed some great men of God, but I had come to the point of wanting to know Jesus in a more intimate way. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “That I may know Him.” This was and is my desire. The opportunity to study the School of Christ curriculum and give myself to prayer and revelation of the Spirit of God made this possible. I have been able to know Him more than I ever have.

I used the lessons as a daily devotion while driving to work for at least one hour. Some days I would listen to more, but I wanted to take only a little in for one day. I allowed myself to pray and meditate over each lesson to gain more of what was being taught.

It was amazing to experience how the Lord works inside a man’s heart to reveal His heart toward mankind. Sometimes that work was very convicting; other times, it became challenging to come up higher. It also caused a hunger inside me to continue to preach this glorious Gospel to whoever and wherever I can. Especially in an urgent time such as this.

God has recently opened an opportunity to take this Gospel into Nepal, and I believe the training of the ways of God through the School of Christ will be of great help as we take this good news to these wonderful people.

Thanks again to the School of Christ and our Lord Jesus Christ for this opportunity. God bless you all.

Steve Allman - SOC Online Student

Steve Allman - SOC Online Student