SOC Prison Ministry Update

 In the late ’90s, I was the chaplain for females at one of our local jails. Two other ladies and I facilitated the School of Christ one day each week for about three years. During this time, we witnessed many of these ladies make a genuine commitment to Christ and go home, never returning to jail again. Today, they live positive, productive lives serving God and caring for their families.

In 2003, I became Chaplain at Gadsden Correctional Facility, a female prison near Tallahassee, and we implemented a one-year residential faith-based program that included two curriculums. The School of Christ is an intense study requiring prayer, memorization, video instruction, and workbooks. The hundreds of ladies that graduated from this program have gone from there to serve God and live productive lives.

We are submitting just a few testimonies from those that have adopted God’s plan for their lives, and they have told me they would never have known this life without this curriculum.

In 2010, I was transferred to a men’s prison to work with my husband in the faith-based program. Again, I witnessed many permanent life changes and continue to fellowship with these men who have gone home to their families or married and started families. They have taken up their rightful position as the spiritual leader in their home, and they are leading and providing for them as God intended.

I am so thankful for Brother Clendennen’s ministry and the School of Christ that provided the opportunity to work with this material and the men and women God has placed under my care. Thank you to everyone that has supported this ministry and made this program available to the incarcerated. Only eternity will
reveal the true results.

SOC Graduates Testimonies:

I’m a graduate of the School of Christ, and I learned a lot under Bro. Clendennen’s teachings. The teachings on the Obedience of Faith became a true lesson in my life for knowing every command of God is followed by His promise, so the work of faith is obedience to the command of God. Through my faith, I know by His stripes I am healed of every sickness and every disease the devil of this world can throw my way. Blessed be the name of the Lord! Jennifer M. (currently battling cancer)

The School of Christ was a very integral part of my walk and growth in Christ and the Word. It challenged me to dig deep into the Word to get an understanding. SOC also highlighted the importance of memorizing Scripture and studying to show yourself approved unto the Word of God (II Timothy 2:15.) Melinda C.

The School of Christ taught me discipline concerning God’s Word, reading it every day, and letting its power impact my life positively. It also taught me about my prayer life, the absolute power of prayer, and the sweetness of my prayers to the Lord. My faithfulness to the Lord not only ensures my salvation but the salvation of others as I tell them of My Hope when I am asked! Christine S.

God used the School of Christ and Bro. Clendennen to unveil the Person of Jesus to me. I was brought up in church but only thought of it as a physical building where people from my community got together, sang a few songs, and listened to a sermon. In this School, a relationship with Christ was born, and I was forever changed. Jennifer T.

Editor Note: The School of Christ material is offered free of charge to any Chaplain that would like to use our material to train inmates. It is also available free of charge to any inmate that would personally like to take the SOC course. Just send their name and address information to the School of Christ home office at P O Box 5470 - Beaumont, TX 77726 or Call 409-504-6601 and ask for Cathy.