SOC Taking Part In Preserving Pentecostal History

In May, I had the privilege of visiting the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center (FPHC) in Springfield, Missouri, with my Pastor, Brother Marty Harden, and my son, Brother B.J. Larsen. There we met with the Director of the FPHC, Brother Darrin Rodgers, who works to share the Pentecostal heritage with the next generation of the Church, along with the preservation of countless documents and archives of the Pentecostal movement worldwide.

The purpose of the FPHC is best described in their mission statement: “The FPHC has become an important hub for Pentecostal history and research, preserving and promoting Pentecostal testimonies and identity so that future generations can know the works of God.”

In our meeting with Brother Darrin, we sensed his heartbeat and desire to see this mission fulfilled. For this reason, we were honored to make a deposit at the FPHC of books and material authored by Brother B.H. Clendennen, Pastor Robert Turnage, and other Pentecostal History archives in our possession that will now be kept and preserved along with countless other Pentecostal archives from around the world!

Along with Brother Darrin, we, too, hold in our hearts the importance of documenting, preserving, and sharing accurate Pentecostal History for future generations to know the wonderful works of God! Our prayer and desire here at the SOC are that if Christ should tarry, the material we deposited at the FPHC will become the memorial stones of the wonderful work of God through the lives of Brother Clendennen, Pastor Turnage, and all who have given of themselves to carry forth the vision of Restoring the Message of Pentecost!