SOC Work in Bolivia Growing

In 2020 we were asked to come to the central region of La Paz, Bolivia, to attend a pastors’ conference and present the School of Christ to 400 Assembly of God pastors. The Assemblies of God Superintendent is Pastor Genaro Tarquino and a graduate of the School of Christ International. This invitation is an open door for us to train and minister through this organization.

I remember the day School of Christ founder B. H. Clendennen and Dr. Marion Dodson met with me in Nicaragua and commissioned me to travel to Bolivia to present the SOC.

In 2009 I arrived in El Alto La Paz to present the School of Christ training. I invited ministers from every region of La Paz to come to the conference. Unfortunately, the La Paz central region ministers did not want to attend the training, so our work began in the El Alto La Paz region. We have worked diligently for 11 years among the pastors, training and establishing new churches. The work in the El Alto La Paz region has grown over 40 percent above churches in the other areas. The reason is the prayer and training received from the School of Christ International. This confirms that God is using this powerful tool, the SOC, that blesses so many and brings the message of Pentecost.

The School of Christ International is now going into all regions of La Paz, and we see much growth in the Kingdom of God. Even with the covid virus shutdowns, we could still graduate ministers, workers, and evangelists from two Schools in two cities: Santa Cruz and La Paz.