SOC Workers On The Front Line In Myanmar War

The war in Myanmar has accelerated, and the situation there is desperate. The army is bombing indiscriminately, and now whole villages have been destroyed.

Pastor Somchai is ministering to the people of a bombed-out Karen village in Myanmar

Over 3000 thousand Karen people tried to flee into Thailand but were stopped by the Thai military and sent back. These are innocent families whose homes were destroyed by the army fighter jets and helicopters. They do not even have the basic needs to survive. David Jacobson, the School of Christ Director for Myanmar (Burma), received word through a mobile internet connection this week from Pastor Somchai, the SOC Director from Thailand. He was ministering in Myanmar when the war broke out, and he is continuing to minister and give help to these hurting families. Because of your financial support, we could send him the support he requested. He was able to purchase shovels (for sanitary disposal), mosquito nets, and medicine.

After hearing the Gospel, the people of a Karen village were given New Testaments.

Pray for the protection of Pastor Somchai and the salvation of souls as he brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Myanmar.


A Karen family is living in a makeshift shelter after the bombing destroyed their home.


Thousands of Karen people trying to flee into Thailand.


Villagers are forced to hide in caves or the forest after the bombing destroyed their village; they have no place to flee the war.