Not all church attendees speak the same language because of different meanings and interpretations of words and phrases in God's Word. Even those who "believe" themselves to be mature and well-versed lovers of Christ use and hear words with a different written Word than the speaker or author intended. Example: "born again or new birth." The new birth is the most radical experience of an individual's entire lifetime. Some say they have been born again and are full of pride, indifference, and a feeling that God is lucky to have them, or they have earned or deserve it. The life and sacrificial death of Christ is a Christmas and Easter Bible story. Most of them have not counted the cost and accepted their guilt for His dying. They want to go to Heaven and miss hell. Mostly, they neither go to God's house, pray, attend to the loving care for His extended family, tithe, or support missions. Many are selfish, thinking of no one but their own ease and comfort. NONE of these traits are included in the "new birth." Yes, we are conscious of our needs, but we must be like Christ. When we freely receive, we must freely give to others.

This work is not an instantaneous experience, but the work begins with the new birth and is continued by the Holy Ghost.

God's people must be hungry to "learn" Christ. This includes studying, searching the Bible, and having goodly and Godly pastors and teachers. A willingness to put aside erroneous, false teachings and grow in knowledge and the Life of Christ. I can speak to this because, in some situations, I have had to admit that if I was going to live pleasing to God, I needed to recognize and make decisions that certain things had come for my understanding and growth. We all must examine ourselves. When this is done, we must be willing to confess and walk in this greater Truth of the Saviour. Not everyone understands, but it is most rewarding and beneficial to the seeker.

As you face experiences in this life, enter these times and stand firm and unmovable in truth confirmed by the Holy Bible. At the same time, if God, by the Holy Spirit, brings deeper and greater things and works of Christ, be willing to be open and accept those works in you is not of yourself, but is the Holy Spirit working to enrich you in Christ.