The Voice of the Lord

Guatemala’s deadly Fuego (Fire) volcano unleashed a 600-meter flow of lava and sent clouds of ash spiraling into the sky. This powerful eruption rained rocks, ash, and toxic gases on several villages, leaving onehundred and ninety people dead and two-hundred and thirty-five missing, according to  National News.

The following testimony was given to SOC Director Richard Goebel from a SOC Graduate: When the volcano began to erupt, Christians felt the Lord speaking to them to “run to the house of the Pastor.” There was no previous plan, no one had discussed what to do, this is what the Holy Spirit spoke to
their heart to do. When they arrived at the Pastor’s home, they began to pray and watch what was happening outside. As the lava began to flow, everything around the Pastor’s house was burned, but the Pastor’s home was untouched. Those that listened to the Voice of the Lord were safe!

This testimony was so amazing that it was reported on Guatemala’s National News broadcast!