Zambia Graduate Forever Changed

Ron Sutton - SOC Director

The lives of pastors, ministers, and missionaries have been forever changed by the teaching of Brother Clendennen and the School of Christ in Africa. The work continues to flourish because of their training. The following testimony is from Pastor Ezekiel Zulu, a graduate of the School of Christ in Lusaka, Zambia.

“I learned clearly that one of the main reasons God wanted a church on earth was to declare to the world and devil that there was life and light which neither the world or the devil could overcome. That changed my view of the church. It was no longer just a human organization, but a vessel to release the life of Christ into the world.

Before attending the School of Christ I did not understand about the old man in me. I knew about the struggle but I did not know that the old man had to be put to death. All this started to make sense as Pastor Clendennen began to teach the lessons from the Series “The Holy Spirit.” Before that, the Holy Spirit to me was only about tongues and power. The School of Christ also revolutionized my prayer life. I learned to prioritize my time of prayer. Pastor Clendennen helped me to know that the altar made the man of God. While preaching made you a preacher, there is a world of difference between a preacher and a man of God.

Fasting and prayer brought scriptural light and truth to me. I think prayer was the greatest lesson Pastor Clendennen taught me. I could go on and on. I was marked by Pastor Clendennen and the School of Christ. The type of Christian leader I am today is because of what I learned at the SOC. There is no man of God that has ever impacted my life like Pastor Clendennen. To this day, I will always thank God that I crossed paths with this man of God.”

Ezekiel Zulu