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Angola Prison Report by Donal Chance

What a wonderful day we live in to be working for God and to be a small part of what God is doing through the School of Christ under the leadership of President, Robert Turnage, Sister Brenda, and their staff. Warden Burl Cain called my son, Pastor Donal Chance Jr., to come to his office…

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Russia Report by Joel Pledge

We held our first ten-day School of Christ Pentecost Conference in Western Russia and we invited everyone that was thirsty for a renewal of Pentecost to join us. The speakers were Andrey Sekhin, the area director for the School of Christ; Roman Dombrauskas, graduate of the School of Christ in 1992 and leader of a…

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China Report by Andrea Sekhin

In March, we had four Conferences of the School of Christ in different cities of China. Due to circumstances in China, there were relatively few people who were able to attend. In the first Conference we had around 30 people, the next two we had 50 people in each, and in the last Conference we…

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