News and Updates from the School of Christ

Venezuela Report by Donal Chance

By Donal Chance | December 4, 2013

With great joy, I write this letter to give a report on yet another School of Christ International among the Wayuu Indians of Northern Venezuela. Even with the devil fighting every step of the way, through finances, material distribution, political unrest, economic crisis, and drug trafficking, the Lord made a way! Sister Brenda Turnage and…

Nicaragua Report by Dr. Marion Dodson

By Dr Marion Dodson | December 4, 2013

We just finished the School of Christ in Coco River Waspan, Nicaragua, with twenty four graduates. We faced a very difficult situation because of the social policy. In this region there are two groups that have taken over all commercial land and air travel. Therefore, all transportation in the area is stopped. However, in the…

Thailand Report by David Jacobson

By David Jacobson | December 4, 2013

After ministering at Mahachai, a distant suburb of Bangkok, the team traveled to Nobo, Thailand to preach, teach, and visit a missionary friend, as well as some School of Christ graduates. Former SOC students are being taught English by Missionary Ginger so that they can enter an approved Teacher Training College in New Zealand. The…

Israel Report by Curtis McGehee

By Curtis McGehee | December 3, 2013

My first trip to Israel was in 2005 with Dr. Marion Dodson and Pastor B.H. Clendennen, where the first Israel School of Christ was conducted.  In November 2012, I was privileged to return to Israel for the fifth time. I can now report that the long-term effects of the School of Christ are still being…

Indonesia Report by Evaristus Riswartono

By Evaristus Riswartono | December 3, 2013

We just finished the School of Christ in Waingapu, Sumba, in September, 2013, and we graduated 18 students. The testimony of all of the students was how the Lord changed and transformed their lives. The testimony of one student, Pastor Marthen, a senior pastor said, “The Holy Spirit revealed to me clearly the eternal purpose…

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